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Celebrate National Park Service’s centennial with Google’s amazing interactive tours

Inside the rarely seen corners of five national parks around the country

Today marks 100 years since the founding of the National Park Service, which has long preserved our access to the most beautiful and historically significant places around the country. Certainly worth celebrating, no?

If planning a trip to one of 58 national parks isn’t in the cards this year—though we have some great ideas for accommodations for future reference—and you don’t already have that rad national parks coloring book in your lap this very moment, here’s an easy way to get in on the action right away.

In "The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks," Google’s interactive video exhibit launched just in time for NPS centennial, you can go see the innards of five national parks that most visitors will never reach.

In each adventure, a park ranger leads the tour, narrating the history and science of what you see as you fly over an active volcano in Hawaii, swim through a coral reef in Florida, climb the crevasse of a glacier in Alaska, and more.

Go ahead, start exploring here.