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Riley Curry’s playhouse is incredible

Steph Curry’s daughter has a playhouse that’s more luxurious than most New York City apartments

Riley Curry is mainly known for two things. 1) Being the daughter of reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry, and 2) being adorable.

But now there’s a third thing to add to the list, as Curry has made a foray into the baby real estate market and is the proud owner of a playhouse that is cooler than most actual houses. It is way cooler than the playhouse she was seen hanging out in around 16 months ago. This playhouse makes that playhouse look like a straight up playhovel.

The new house, which was built for and unveiled on the inaugural episode of TLC’s new Playhouse Masters show, is horse themed (great theme) and features a rocking horse, two levels, a slide connecting the two levels, a ball pit, wall-mounted lamps, and a tasteful couch.

Building it was not without its challenges, however. Riley’s mother "Ayesha wanted a ball pit and our challenge was to make it fit in with the pony theme," says one of the titular Playhouse Masters, in voiceover.

Challenge met.

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