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Disposable bedsheets for college kids are now a thing

So are bedsheets made out of silver. It’s a big week for ridiculous sheets.

Do you hate washing bedsheets? Do you hate washing them more than you hate washing other things, like clothes? That’s weird, but if you live in the Boston area, there is now a startup offering "laundry-free linens" that are meant to be thrown away after two weeks.

The company, called Beantown Bedding, is targeted at college students and was founded by two mothers who were worried about their college-aged never washing their sheets. Which makes sense until you consider the fact that if these kids are not taking the time to wash their sheets, they are probably not going to take the time to throw away and replace their sheets either, right? Doesn’t throwing away a set of sheets require approximately the same amount of energy as washing it?

Anyway, the sheets are allegedly biodegradable, so that’s nice.

If you’re looking for some sheets that you don’t have to throw away immediately, however, consider these ones, which are made out of real silver. They recently completed an outrageously succesful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Apparently the silver prevents bacteria from growing.

What a time to be the proprietor of a company that makes ridiculous sheets.

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