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One of Sydney’s only Brutalist buildings may soon be demolished

A recommendation to place it on the heritage list was recently denied

It seems that a proposal to add balconies to each apartment of the Sirius building in Sydney, Australia was not enough to save the Brutalist, Tao Gofers-designed structure from being demolished. Dezeen reports that officials in New South Wales have rejected a plan to place the concrete tower on the heritage list. This means that one of Sydney’s only Brutalist buildings may soon be sold, or worse, torn down.

The reason for the move, which is part of a larger redevelopment plan, is to make way for more public housing. Mark Speakman, an environment and heritage minister, explained in a statement: "You could get a lot more public housing by not listing it, by replacing it with something that is at an appropriate height and scale and look for The Rocks, and getting an extra 240 or so among the neediest in our community into public housing."

As it stands, the Sirius building, which was built in the 1970s as public housing, accommodates 79 one-to-four-bedroom units. Head to Dezeen for the full story.