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Mapping where U.S. millennials live at home

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Looking at you, Jersey, New York, and Connecticut

It’s true that nearly a third of all U.S. millennials still live at home—the largest proportion of any adult generation in modern history—but not all states have the same number of 18- to 34-year-olds still living with mom and dad. A new analysis from Stateline examined 2014 census data and create a visualization of where millennials are still staying at home.

New Jersey came in first with 43.9 percent of its millennial population still living at home, the highest percentage of any other U.S. state. Jersey was followed by Connecticut with 38.8 percent, New York with 37.4 percent, Florida with 37.2 percent, and California with 36.7 percent. These top three states have pockets of pricey rental markets along with a general shortage of housing, especially in and around highly desirable urban centers like New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The states with the lowest concentration of home-living millennials are places where land is plentiful and people are scarce: North Dakota has just 15.6 percent of its millennials at home, Wyoming has 18.7 percent, South Dakota has 19.7 percent, and Nebraska and Iowa are tied with 20.7 percent.

It’s not that millennials don’t want to own their own homes, many just don’t think they can afford it, with economic realities suggesting they’ll need to save for an entire decade just to afford the down payment on a home.

Source: Stateline