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Exuberant New Mexican midcentury with themed rooms and historic ties asks $649K

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It was built in the 1950s by local legend Oscar Huber

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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Price: $649,000

Though it doesn’t look like much from its exterior, this historic midcentury rambler, once you step inside, is a southwestern fairytale come to life. The exuberant Albuquerque rancher was built in the 1950s by local hero Oscar Huber, who started working at the mine in Madrid, Santa Fe in 1910 and eventually becoming the owner. As de facto town runner, Huber is credited with bringing electricity, paved roads, a hospital, and new construction to the small ghost town, even building the first illuminated baseball park west of the Mississippi in 1922.

Inside the over 5,000-square-foot five-bedroom are influences of both southwestern and French art, with various shades of terra cotta, orange, yellow, pink, and tan on the walls and arched door frames. There are five "themed" living areas, including the Parlor, Cedar, and Oak rooms, a Ranch theater, and the Ristra Dining Room.

Painted vigas and latillas, hand-scribed plaster walls, wood-paneled basement, four fireplaces, five bathrooms all tiled in a unique color scheme, plenty of built-in storage (some of which is painted in beautiful designs), custom hand-carved doors, and, if you can believe it, so much more, come together to create a truly unique and authentic New Mexican experience. It’s asking $649,000.