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Incredible Etch-a-Sketch art captures world architecture

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Most of us will have trouble drawing a building that merely stands upright, but not Chicago-native Jane Labowhich, the self-dubbed "Princess Etch A Sketch" who creates impressive illustrations on the classic drawing toy, architectural masterpieces included.

Etch A Sketch in a nutshell: you draw by twisting two knobs to control the direction of the stylus and the whole image must be completed in one continuous line—no "Control + Z"s. For Labowhich, each piece takes hours to complete and mistakes are tricky to fix, if possible at all.

Anyway, Labowhich recently visited India, and since traveling inspires the best architectural snapshots in all of us, she unsurprisingly came back with some magnificent Etch a Sketches of iconic Indian buildings. Check out a few of them, plus other highlights from her collection, below.

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Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, India