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This award-winning glass and steel house sits behind an old Victorian facade

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It was shortlisted for RIBA’s 2015 House of the Year award

Shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year Award in 2015, the glass-and-steel Stuart Piercy-designed Kew House in the Kew Green Conservation area of south-west London has just been placed on the market for £3,800,000, or approximately $5,000,000.

Built in 2014, the unique home sits behind the facade of an old Victorian stable and rises up in the form of two gabled wings clad in prefabricated weathered steel that is perforated in certain sections. They are placed around a central courtyard and are connected by an entirely glazed block, inside which a staircase is displayed.

The main living areas are situated within the two blocks, with the dining, kitchen, living areas, and the basement with children’s play area (accessed by a slide!) and workshop in one, and the children’s bedrooms, guest room, family bathroom, and master bedroom in the other.

Inside the bright space, floors are laid in broad wooden planks and walls are white or otherwise paneled in oak or clad in brick. Perforations in the steel facade coupled with the glazed courtyard allow sunlight to dapple the home in a most delightful way.

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