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Burning Man 2016’s best pop-up architecture

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Scoping out this year's most impressive installations

Burning Man, the rowdy annual art festival in the desert, returns to Black Rock City, Nevada this week, and with it comes dusty frolicking, fiery effigies, tens of thousands of people who won’t shower for a week, and what we’re most excited for: amazing pop-up architecture. A celebration of self-expression and self-reliance, Burning Man always gives rise to a vast array of impressive temporary structures built by the festival goers themselves—art you can sit in, climb on, and maybe even ride.

Last year’s event brought us massive temples, an intricate arched pavilion, larger-than-life Alice-in-Wonderland-esque furniture, and more. This year’s crop promises to be equally arresting. Below, check out some snapshots already coming in on Instagram. We’ll be updating this post throughout the festival, so follow along—without all the grime!

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(The boar in action!)

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(Wait for it...)

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