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Concrete pavilion creates seamless extension on this adorable Aussie home

The original 1970s cottage is still in tact

How do you expand a home without changing too much of its original character? For Melbourne-based Inbetween Architecture, the solution was creating an entirely new structure and attaching it to the existing 1970s-era brick and wood-sided cottage.

The new pavilion takes the shape of the gabled main house and is fashioned in concrete. Unlike a typical extension, it abuts the original space in the front of the property and is connected by a sheltered entry. Following this throughway provides access to the garden, and this "glazed bridge," which contains the main living area, continues the line of the now-expanded home. A new master bedroom suite is located at the end of the hallway.

The kitchen, dining room, and bathroom were rearranged within the new wing, while the family room, office, and extra storage were tucked in the basement level of the cottage. The result is a seamless integration of the old and new, establishing a serene and cozy home for a growing family.