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Bluetooth-enabled button allows you to customize alerts depending on your location

Dot’s buttons can be placed in your home, office, or even car

We’ve talked about what your deepest home tech desires are, but for many of us, entering that realm seems a little daunting—which is why it’s always nice to smart small, perhaps even as small as button.

Dot is a new Kickstarter-launched startup that bills itself as "The Physical Push Notification." The physical element is a Bluetooth-enabled button that can be placed anywhere in your home, in your office, even in your car. It tells your phone exactly where you are, gathering data about your daily behaviors and routines, which can then be used to send you relevant, customized alerts depending on your location.

All you need is a smart phone, the Dot app, and any number of Dot buttons. Simply stick a button somewhere important, launch the app, and program what you’d like for it to do for you. Dot can be used to launch apps, act as a digital Post-It note or passive reminder, control your home’s smart devices, let you know if a roommate is home—the possibilities are infinitely programmable. The button’s RGB LED lights can even be customized to change color depending on the situation, working as a standalone "glance-able" alert—without an accompanying push alert popping up on your phone.

Place one in your car and program it to launch a music player or a map app as soon as you’re within range. Or place one on your bathroom mirror and let it passively remind you to take your medication by flashing green once you’re nearby. Or use Dot to optimize your smart home by programming it to turn on the lights or adjust the temperature as soon as you walk through the door. You can even leave a note for someone, who will receive it as a notification when they walk within range of the button.

For only $20 a pop, it’s worth a try. Certainly seems more useful than Amazon’s Dash button. Watch the video below to see how it works.