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Is biometric security the solution to lengthy TSA lines?

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A new startup wants to create a better premium security experience

No one likes the current rigamarole of airport security—long lines, shoe removal, putting your laptop in its separate plastic bin. But a new startup, Clear, is offering a premium security-check experience. For just $15 a month, you can pay to skip the public security line and get some nifty (and possibly unnecessary) biometric scanning to boot.

In fact, the only difference between the normal security process and the Clear security process seems to be the latter’s absence of a long line in addition to a scan of the traveler’s fingerprints, iris, and face instead of the normal driver’s license check. Someone still manually reviews your boarding pass. And you still have to send your belongings through a metal detector and get your body scanned or metal-detected by TSA.

But biometric identity authentication may soon become all the rage. Clear is already planning to open stations at Major League Baseball venues. The company has also gotten a thumbs-up from the Department of Homeland Security as a valuable anti-terrorism technology.

Source: PSFK