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7 exotic geodesic domes to rent around the world

From Patagonia to Indonesia, our dome obsession goes international

A few weeks ago, we explored 7 geodesic domes available for rent here in the United States. From a dome in the picturesque California redwoods to glamping on a farm in upstate New York, readers loved the funky structures so much that we’re back with more. This time, however, we’ve broadened our search and taken our dome obsession international.

Some domes have Indonesian sea views while others sit at the base of Patagonia’s highest peaks. Some are owned by individuals while a few are operated as dome hotels with multiple lodging options. Despite their differences, all the domes on this list represent a departure from your standard vacation. Sure, it might take some effort to visit these architectural wonders, but domes offer up unique amenities and experiences. From star gazing to secluded, off-the-grid living, these are our top picks for architecture nerds in need of some international R&R.

EcoCamp Patagonia: Already revered as one of the best adventure destinations in the world, Patagonia also boasts the EcoCamp Hotel in Torres del Paine. Billed as the region’s first sustainable lodging option, EcoCamp uses geodesic domes that have a minimal environmental impact but still provide efficient heating and wind protection. The suite domes come with ceiling windows and a private terrace, while the standard dome accommodations provide a cozy getaway from which to base your Patagonia tours. EcoCamp also has three interconnected community domes for dining as well as a separate "body and wellness dome" that hosts yoga classes. Because what’s better than yoga in a dome?

Adobe-style dome in Costa Rica

Adobe-Style Dome in Costa Rica: Part Dr. Seuss house and part dome, this abode structure boasts a pool and lodging just 2 minutes from the beach. Guests can also enjoy an "observation deck" (pictured under the thatched roof, above) and a circular window seat to take advantage of the jungle views.

Glamping Dome With Sea View: Located in the seaside town of Cornwall, England, this geodesic dome—called the Escape Pod—is not far from beaches, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. But you may not want to leave the 2-acre property considering the panoramic sea views, two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and an enviable deck. Throw in the huge windows (just think of the star gazing!) and you’ve got a perfect retreat for a family of 4.

Dome Villa in Indonesia: Boasting multiple domes situated on a hillside above the sea, the Mentigi Bay Dome Villas provide jaw-dropping views of the Gili and Bali islands. They can also sleep 6 people comfortably with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. And while the domes are cool, the multi-level pools and patios are even more impressive, making this tropical getaway one for the bucket list.

ElquiDomos Hotel in Chile: As one of only 7 astronomic hotels worldwide, this dome hotel in Paiguano, Chile goes all out to provide guests with a top-notch star gazing experience. Each of the 7 geodesic domes for rent feature a two story design; the first level boasts a living room and bathroom while the second story hosts the bed. The raised beds allow for stargazing as you fall asleep, and the domes all come with a detachable roof. The property also features two observatories and even a dome pool house.

Belize Jungle Dome: With room for 16, this dome in the mountain interior of Belize houses five bedrooms ideal for a large group. It’s larger and more house-like than the other domes featured on this list, but it still uses the triangle construction and windows. The property also has plenty of patios, air conditioning, and a pool for cooling off after a day of exploring the jungle.

Dome House on Waiheke Island: This blue and white dome compound off the shores of Auckland, New Zealand sleeps 7 with stone flooring, white plastered walls, and Mediterranean flair. The listing comes with two connected domes and a private courtyard full of rattan furniture.