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This small storage container has raised $17k and counting on Kickstarter

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People have apparently been waiting for the invention of a very small box

Normally, when we see a design project get a lot of traction on Kickstarter, it’s a something that improves on an existing product, like this small, sleek window air conditioning unit, or a weird-but-appealing invention, like this Keurig machine for tortillas, something very unnecessary but still cool, like this machine that lets you brew beer with an app.

Then there is this "Secret Storage Sphere," a "Machined sphere with keepsake container inside." Or, in other words... a round box? The "Gr2 sphere," the Kickstarter explains, "is a modern design element with a secret storage inside" (i.e. a box). It was "Created to store and protect all those precious small items and keep your space beautiful and minimalistic." (It is a small box.)

The Gr2 sphere has currently raised $17,679 and counting. According to the accompanying video, it can be used to store such things as jewelry, coins, a small handful of potpourri, loose rocks, and a single die. "Gr2 is certainly a great way to start a conversation," the Kickstarter adds. Here is a conversation that we have imagined you starting about your Gr2 sphere.

YOU: Hey, check out this little sphere I bought for $26.


YOU: I keep rocks in it.

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