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Minimalist Tokyo house does double duty as home and office

The entire third floor is a rooftop garden

Here’s another Tokyo house to add to the growing portfolio of innovative residential architecture coming out of the Japanese capital. Located in Nishi-ojima in the Koto ward, this minimalist, three-story building was designed by Do.Do. and does double duty for its owner, a graphic designer, who uses the first floor as a studio, office, and meeting space, and the rest of the home as a private residence.

Clad in black siding, the boxy, one-bedroom abode, called House-Is, features plain white walls, hardwood floors, and plenty of custom built-in storage that also acts as room partitions. For example, all of the living spaces take up the second floor, where a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center separates the living room from the bedroom. Wall cut-outs also provide additional ventilation and light flow, and one of them, positioned on the first floor staircase, acts as an opening for the cat, allowing it to access a ledge below the ceiling. The entirety of the third floor has been turned into a rooftop garden. Have a look around.