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Tiny prefab home makes picture-perfect backyard guesthouse

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But it does not come cheap

Tiny living and prefab construction collide beautifully in this backyard guesthouse designed by Bay Area upstart Avava Systems. Located in Livemore, California, the 264-square-foot shelter is the first completed project for the company’s BriteSpace line, which offers dwellings between 120 and 480 square feet.

This particular build showcases the company’s use of high-quality, sustainable materials like real oak flooring, low-e windows, structural-insulated panels, and LED lighting. The interior vibe is sleek and airy. The open living area features an Ikea-furnished kitchen, compact bathroom, huge windows, and a wraparound deck.

Impressed? Well, it’ll cost ya. The base cost for a fully-functional standard unit of this size is $86,554, not to mention extensive add-on options like solar energy and rain water collection systems and various upgrades.