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Zaha Hadid's Serpentine Pavilion rebuilt at England's historic Chatsworth House

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The 2007 design is now also for sale

Lilas, a sculptural, all-white pavilion designed by the late Zaha Hadid for the 2007 Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, has been rebuilt near Chatsworth House, one of the grandest and most visited estates in England. Erected over the last two weeks, the over 75-foot long structure will be a highlight of Sotheby’s upcoming annual Beyond Limits exhibition, which spotlights large-scale modern and contemporary outdoor sculptures for sale.

Though Lilas’ inclusion in the show was planned before Hadid’s sudden passing in March, the piece no doubt will take on new significance now as a reminder of her inimitable vision. Sleek and full of curves, Lilas stands in drastic contrast to the circa-1500s Chatsworth House. But Simon Stock, curator of the Sotheby’s show, argues that the two structures don’t clash, telling the Guardian, "they complement in a way that the pyramid does at the Louvre."

Hadid, who designed the main Serpentine Pavilion in 2000, produced Lilas as a bonus project of sorts for the 2007 celebration, after the chosen pavilion design from artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Kjetil Thorsen was delayed. Lilas will be auctioned off through Sotheby’s after the exhibit, and may go for over £500,000 judging by previous Serpentine Pavilion sales. Below, check out a few Instagrams of Lilas in its new home.

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