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Transportable surf lodge chases the simple life

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Called the Crow’s Nest, the dwelling has a rooftop lookout for gauging the waves

While half the world begins to experience the disheartening creep of the darkening days, the other half waits with baited breath for the arrival of brighter, warmer ones—which is why this seaside dwelling located on the opposite hemisphere in New Zealand soothes our seasonal anxieties.

Designed by local firm Red Architecture and located in Whale Bay, Raglan, Crow’s Nest, as it’s called, was created with a very specific purpose: To function as an impermanent surfer’s lodge for the client. Its moniker nods to the elevated decks from which the client is able to check out the condition of the waves.

The home, which provides ample living space, was built as two boxy, bare-bone structures, one for a spare kitchen and living space, and the other for simple bunk-bed lodging. The exteriors are clad in white corrugated steel, resembling a shipping container, while the interiors are paneled in light wood.

A timber balustrade wraps around the the main level and rooftop deck. The minimalist, natural color palette of the lodge is meant to evoke the surrounding landscape of sand, sea, and foam.

Perhaps in another nod to surf culture, the home is meant to be transportable. The balustrades can be dismantled, while the steel structures of the two pavilions are sturdy enough to withstand movement and adjustment. With a home like this, it may be easy enough to chase summers all over the world.