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Hostel embraces vibrant color and local craft in Spain

It’s the work of Spanish firm Masquespacio

The office of Spanish firm Masquespacio and self-described "creative consultancy" hit our pages in all its polychromatic glory in the early spring, and now come photos of work the firm recently finished for an inn in their native country. Called the Valencia Lounge Hostel, the roughly 2,450-square-foot space (236 square meters) features interiors festooned with bright yellows, deep blues, pinks, and oranges. Graphic shapes of all sorts abound, including in guest rooms, where loose themes—one room is decorated entirely in a beachy, sandy color palette—give each space a bit of individual character.

To retain some sense of the historic character of the hostel, which takes root in an early-20th-century structure, the designers preserved historic floor tiles and plaster ceiling moldings to play counterpoint to the Memphis-inspired contemporary look. See more photos over at Designboom.