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Crumbling stone hacienda becomes award-winning hotel in Mexico

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It’s located in the Yucatán Peninsula

With the twilight of summer quickly descending upon us, we’re desperate as ever to hold onto the season’s most iconic associations—the sun, the surf, exotic locales. Add historic architecture to the list, and you’ll see why this hacienda-turned-hotel in Mexico stokes our still-unquenched wanderlust.

Located in the small city of Champotón in the Yucatán Peninsula, the award-winning Hacienda Niop was designed by local studio AS Arquitectura, who took the crumbling stone structures of the former estate, which included a small farm, outbuildings, and a chapel, and used them as the basis for this rustic-chic hotel and event space.

Modern elements like concrete, wooden doorways, steel, and glass integrate seamlessly into the existing architecture to create a dynamic and reflective space that honors—and highlights—the hacienda’s history. A concrete basement, reflecting pools, grassy lawns, and graveled courtyards complete the property.

Hacienda Niop was among the winners in the Hotels and Resorts category of Architizer’s 4th annual A+A Awards. Take a look below.