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$4.9M California compound is a ‘tribute to Mother Earth’

We’re not sure how, exactly, but it is a pretty spectacular house

This five-bedroom compound in Rancho Mirage, California likely would not appeal to everyone, but for the people who it does appeal to, we imagine that it would appeal to them quite a lot.

Named Terra (it was, according to the listing, constructed as a "tribute to Mother Earth") it features two-foot-thick walls made out of rammed earth (so far so good with the earth stuff) and also things like peacock feathers, leather, and quartz that was imported from Europe (hm).

Additional highlights — really, it’s all highlights with this one — include a salt water lagoon pool, a two-story artist studio, eight fireplaces, tin paneled ceilings, stained glass windows, citrus trees, four separate kitchens, and one large ceramic apple on the dining room table. All that and more was put on the market this week with an asking price of $4.9 million.

70380 Desert Cove Avenue, Rancho Mirage, CA , 92270 [Estately]