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Peek inside a sublime ‘60s prefab bubble house

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One of the coolest prefab homes ever conceived, French architect Jean Maneval’s Bubble House comes off as futuristic today as it did when it was first introduced in the ‘60s. Its French name "Maison Bulle à Six Coques" (literally "Six-Shell Bubble House") aptly captures the prefab dwelling’s bulbous appearance, formed by six fiberglass modules that combine into one roughly 345-square-foot residence, wherein the living, dining, kitchen, and resting areas are all connected into one open space. When production ceased in 1970, only 30 Bubble Houses had been manufactured, one of which now rests in splendid condition in eastern France.

As detailed in a recent feature on AD España, design collector and dealer Patrice Chevreux acquired the mossy abode (Bubble Houses came in white, brown, and green to match natural surroundings) from Parisian gallery Jousse Entreprise and furnished it in a modernism-on-holiday vibe—in other words, minimal yet fun. Do check out the full gallery at AD España.