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Vivid colors brighten this elderly care center nestled in the hillside of France

The 115-room facility is located in Orbec, Normandy

Strasbourg-based firm Dominique Coulon & associés continues its commitment to beautifully designed social architecture with this bright and cheerful elderly care and retirement home in the commune of Orbec, Normandy.

Nestled into a rural hillside, the 115-room center comprises several wings and spreads out over a grassy field and is painted avocado green to minimize its intrusion on the landscape. Inside, the walls of the vast, rambling space are painted white and red (with shades of pink and blue popping up in spots), and the vibrant hue acts to "de-structure" the spare interiors and make it dynamic.

Hallways are wide and extensive in order to promote walkability, while views from the center’s many windows strive to connect the residents to the lush valley surrounding them. In addition to the 85 rooms dedicated to elderly care and the 30 allotted to the nursing home, a catering kitchen, administrative offices, activity rooms, and treatment facilities round out the space.