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Futuristic floating home lets you go eco-friendly on the water

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The concept looks like Jetsons meets Waterworld

Roughly 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and as sea levels rise, it kind of makes sense that more architects are exploring the potential of floating structures. But Giancarlo Zema’s new WaterNest 100 is not your average houseboat.

Sold by London company EcoFloLife, the 1,076-square-foot home has a laundry list of eco-friendly features Its hull is made of recycled aluminum. The exterior shell is made of recycled laminated timber topped with a 650-square-foot photovoltaic system, which produces enough energy to meet the home’s needs. The curved, slatted facade is designed to create natural ventilation, helping to make the home a low-consumption residence.

Roughly 98 percent of the home’s materials are recyclable.

An accompanying smartphone app monitors the home’s battery level and location. The interior can be reconfigured depending on need, but placing the kitchen and bathroom within the structure’s two interior curves helps to solve the problems posed by round walls.

A smaller 645-square-foot model of the home can be yours for just $550,000, while the full 1,076-square-foot version costs $880,000.

Source: Design Indaba