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Watch Rio’s dynamic cityscapes in a mesmerizing ultra HD timelapse

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Shot by Joe Capra of Scientifantastic

This incredible timelapse video showing some of Rio de Janiero’s most iconic cityscapes was created by Scientifantastic’s Joe Capra, a Los Angeles-based photographer who specializes in ultra high definition—think 4K to 10K resolution—photography and cinematography.

Titled “10328x7760 - A 10K Timelapse Demo” after the technical aspects of the video, the timelapse, which was shot using a PhaseOne IQ180 camera, was created by stitching together a series of shots each comprising hundreds of individual 80-megapixel-large still images. The ultra high resolution allows even 100% zooms to show the dynamic city in stunning detail—whether it’s the daily goings-on of Rio’s favelas, the cable cars of Sugar Loaf mountain, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, or the boats on the Guanabara Bay.

Head on over to Capra’s website, where you can feast on timelapses from all over the world. But first, have a look below, and prepare to dial up your Rio 2016 excitement by many more degrees.