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Off-Grid passive house lets you unplug and unwind in San Diego

This southern California beauty is powered by the sun and wind

A sculptural 17-foot-tall wind turbine hovers over Casa Aguila, the first Passive House in San Diego county. Able to go entirely off-grid, the home generates its own energy through the turbine and solar panels, and conserves power with a host of energy-efficient techniques.

Built on the crest of a hill, the home’s wind turbine is expected to produce energy for at least 12 hours a day, while a set of solar panels that track the sun’s path are projected to generate roughly 44,000kWh each year. Additionally, the home’s appliances and LED lighting systems were selected for their supreme energy efficiency.

The energy system of the 3,123-square-foot home was designed by Alliance Green Builders, a local contractor focused on eco-friendly, high-performance construction. With Casa Aguila, the company designed an air-tight structure with a high-tech ventilation system to maintain its thermal efficiency. These features mean the home can withstand Southern California’s colder nights and sweltering days without needing to constantly fire up a furnace or air conditioner.

The home also harvests rainwater and contains a water treatment system enabling it to be used for indoor needs.

Source: Inhabitat