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Pyramid rooftop garden creates green oasis for London home

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The Garden House is longlisted for RIBA’s House of the Year award

With its stunning roof garden, it’s no wonder that Hayhurst and Co.’s aptly-named Garden House was a winner of RIBA’s London Awards and a finalist for its House of the Year Award. Designed as a home and studio for the founders of Whitaker Malem, a British leatherware design company, the two-story Garden House features a unique, steeply stepped rooftop that provides the owners a green retreat in the center of London.

Made up of more than 800 succulents, sedums, heathers, and other flora set into pebbles, the planters form a pyramid of steps created by mounting stainless steel trays onto the pitch of the existing roof. The resulting garden echoes the rooflines of neighboring buildings and blends in seamlessly with the skyline.

Because the home is landlocked, the rooftop garden, which the architects liken to a "hanging-basket," was essential in creating a feeling of openness, while the interior skylights provide most of the light for the home. Take a peek below, then head on over to Dezeen for the full story.