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Emoji Soaps probably look pretty scary after a couple of uses

Have you ever felt like torturing some emojis?

A Kickstarter for candles and soaps designed to look like some of the most famous and useful emojis, including the Crying And Laughing emoji, the Hearts For Eyes emoji, the Winking And Sticking Tongue Out emoji, and the Happy Pile Of Feces emoji (we’re sure these have official names, somewhere) has raised almost $3,000 so far en route to a $40,000 goal.

More importantly, however, it answers both a pressing need — more novelty candles and soaps — as well as a pressing question: What would emojis look like if they were melting nightmares? Needless to say, we are curious to know how these soaps look after a couple uses, and whether their enormous smiles stay incongruously fixed in place.

Curious enough to pay to find out? Perhaps not quite that curious. But curious nonetheless. If you are inclined to buy these candles and/or soaps and they end up looking funny enough to take a picture of, please send it our way.

MojiZone | The World's First Emoji Candles and Soaps [Kickstarter]