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Metro systems' rugged charms focus of new photo series

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Montreal-based photographer Chris M. Forsyth takes on major European cities’ transit stations

Even in some of the world’s most beautiful metro stations, daily commuters make it a priority to get in and out as quickly as possible—dawdling is for tourists. Photographer Chris M. Forsyth, inspired by transit systems’ utilitarian charms, takes the opposite tack: The Metro Project, his series documenting all 68 metro stations in Montreal’s metro (Canada’s busiest) was a hit, and found its way to our pages.

Now, Forsyth has expanded that series to a handful of European cities with first-rate subway station designs, including Stockholm, Berlin, and Munich. "My objective is to show people that beautiful architecture, art, and design is accessible and present in all spaces," Forsyth told Curbed in an email. "As well, I hope to encourage others to photograph and share how they see the overlooked spaces around them."

Take a look at a few highlights, below, and see the full series at Forsyth’s website.