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Rio’s Olympic Boulevard unveils massive mural celebrating indigenous cultures


One of the most impressive works in our recent spotlight on Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant street art scene is a brand new masterpiece by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, who just transformed a whopping 190-meter-long (that’s over 600 feet) wall in Rio’s renovated port district into a celebration of the world’s indigenous cultures.

Measuring almost 3,000-square-meters in size, "Ethnicities," (or Etnias in Portugeuse) hopes to secure a Guinness World Record for the largest mural from a single artist. The mural features five colorfully abstracted faces, each representing an indigenous population hailing from the five world continents depicted in the Olympic rings.

Months of 12-hour days, 100 gallons of white paint, 1,500 liters of colored paint, and over 3,500 cans of spray paint later, the work, unveiled last week, now forms a show-stopping backdrop to the Olympic Boulevard, which will host live music, firework shows, food trucks, and more. Below, a closer look and a time lapse video.