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Inside an architect’s own renovated modular studio apartment

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Located inside a 1970s Florence apartment building

Florence and Milan-based architect Silvia Allori has transformed a compact 1970s studio apartment into a versatile and modular home and office for herself. Using a white laminate to cover all of the walls, Allori used a strict modular structure to organize the main living area.

Only two widths measuring 165 and 195 centimeters (approximately 65 and 77 inches, respectively) and a depth of 113 centimeters (or 44.5 inches) figure throughout the space, which features niches, steps, and nooks that all serve a multifunctional purpose. A Murphy-style desk pulls out from one of the walls to reveal a bookcase behind it, while the seating lining the perimeter of the room doubles as beds and loungers.

A series of rectangular beams running the length of the ceiling breaks up the rigid geometry of the space, lending a more intimate and cozy atmosphere to the otherwise stark space, while circular pegs on the walls allow for bookshelves to be inserted and moved as one wishes. A small kitchen occupies the slender hallway and is hidden by a gold curtain repurposed from isothermal emergency blankets. Have a look around.