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Historic British tower asks $1.4 million

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Great for any witches looking to imprison fairy tale princesses

An historic tower in Essex, England called The Landmark Tower, which was converted into three luxury apartments in 2002 is on the market for £1.05 million, or approximately $1.4 million in US dollars. The property was listed two years ago for £1.25 million ($1.6 million) but apparently failed to sell.

While the tower is really something, the apartments themselves are somewhat odd in their attempt to marry the structures Victorian architecture with modern finishes, which could be contributing to the property’s difficulty in finding a buyer.

Still, there are lots of things you could do with a tower like this, regardless of the interior design. You could imprison a princess, or watch out for fires in the surrounding area, or throw eggs at people from pretty far away, or rent out the three apartments and attempt to make a profit. The options are nearly limitless.

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