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A yacht-inspired beach pavilion brings Danish design and culture to Rio

It was designed by Henning Larsen Architects

Copenhagen-based studio Henning Larsen Architects has created a pavilion on Rio de Janierio’s Ipanema Beach titled "Heart of Denmark" meant to act as a gathering place for athletes, fans, and tourists, as well as to promote the country itself.

In a nod to Denmark’s history as a seafaring and yachting nation as well as its architecture, the pavilion’s simple mast-like aluminum structure is made by John Mast and is covered in fabric used in sailing by OneSails, while the roof bears the stripes of Denmark’s flag. The 3,250-square-foot pavilion includes a bar, press room, and exhibition space and is lit up at night with a LED lighting scheme designed by Martin Professional that changes colors.

Heart of Denmark will be open to the public throughout the Olympic Games and host activities and exhibitions showcasing Danish culture, design, innovation, and art. The pavilion was made possible by VisitDenmark, the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Danish Industry Foundation, Realdania, Nordea Foundation, and Grundfos. Take a look below.