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Ikea’s new black-and-white collection hits stores in September

It’s all inspired by India

In drastic contrast to Ikea’s first two collaborations with fashion designers, which featured hallucinatory houseware and cartoon-esque accessories, the third, available in the U.S. in September, is decidedly colorless.

The SVÄRTAN line comes from Swedish fashion designer Martin Bergström, who worked with Indian fashion students to create a series of textiles, paper accessories, tables and stools, ceramics, and more, all inspired by their home country.

“My idea was to create a modern interpretation of India and its heritage, a country with designs that are perceived in the West as colorful, golden, and shiny,” Bergström says. Indeed, focusing instead on the nitty-gritty of urban India, the team have channeled the “amazing patina of surfaces, textures of the walls, patterns created by monsoon rains” into monochrome—but certainly not boring—additions to the home.