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Minimalist tiny home in Portland features custom furnishings

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Done in gorgeous Oregon white oak

Portland-based multidisciplinary studio FIELDWORK Design & Architecture has created the Kerns Micro House, an elegant, minimalist 250-square-foot ground up Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, that includes gorgeous wooden furniture and storage.

Clad in strips of fir, this dynamic, clean-lined tiny home features custom cabinetry in the kitchen, and a Murphy bed incorporating storage in the bedroom-cum-living area constructed from Oregon white oak.

As a living room, the space features a narrow coffee table and a simple couch set against what looks like a wooden storage unit. The coffee table also doubles as a bench when used by the window, which incorporates a sill with a built-in table leaf that extends into a writing desk. In a different configuration, a wall of the storage unit pulls down to reveal a Murphy bed. The coffee table then moves to the opposite wall, becoming a bench again.

But the best part of the house, besides its bright and organic interiors, is that it meets the City of Portland’s stringent design standards. Have a look around.