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Two prefab modular homes rise in a nature reserve

Pretty neat

Two years after Brazil and Uruguay-based architecture firm MAPA whet our prefab appetite with a quaint micro home set among dozens of grazing sheep, there’s news of a few more recent projects from the firm, both prefab modular homes that have just been dropped in a picturesque coffee plantation on a Brazilian nature reserve.

The pair of guesthouses from Minimod, MAPA’s prefab products arm, each comprise five modular components arranged in a different configuration. The first is a familiar rectilinear structure with a large deck, glass walls, and thin wooden slat cladding. The second, clad in wider wooden plank, features a crossed floor plan, with a module each for two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a covered dining terrace. This design, with units facing different directions, no doubt also captures everything the surrounding landscape has to offer.