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High tech indoor garden lets you grow cannabis at home

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Grobo claims to be the “future of home growing”

With sales and pot tourism booming in states that have legalized marijuana, a new trend is taking off: home cannabis accessories. And while previous hydroponic growing systems were bulky, unattractive, and always ran the risk of making your entire apartment smell like a grow house, a new startup looks to change all that. Enter Grobo, a home growing system that boldly claims to be the "future of home growing."

Grobo designers built a 46-inch tower that continuously monitors and adjusts the environment to ensure that each crop has the appropriate light, water, nutrients and temperatures to grow. The tower features a white powder-coat finish, electrochromic plexiglass, and a lacquered hard maple wood top cover and base. When you’re ready to grow, you plant your seeds, tell the Grobo app what you planted, and then let the machine do all the work.

The machine also uses 50 LED lights to mimic sunrise and sunset, has a carbon filter to allegedly eliminate all smells, and the glass door transitions from clear to opaque to keep plants from hermaphroditing. You don’t even have to be home to know that Grobo is working; the system automatically waters and feeds the plants with the appropriate nutrients, and the Grobo is Wi-Fi enabled so you can see real-time grow information on your phone.

While clearly created with cannabis in mind, the Grobo can also grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, and greens. When it comes to growing cannabis, the makers of Grobo claim the system will yield about two ounces every three months. Normally retailing for $1,300 (although there’s a pre-order special for $899), the Grobo isn’t a cheap accessory and it . We’re also not so sure its "beautiful design" will "fit seamlessly into living rooms," as it’s pretty obvious that the glowing, almost four-foot tall tower is growing pot. But the Grobo is heads and shoulders prettier than other grow systems and a lot more high tech.