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Luis Barragán’s ashes were turned into a diamond and his family is not happy

A classic case of architect-turned-into-diamond-family-dispute

It’s a story we’ve all heard a thousand times: A legendary Mexican architect dies and then 27 years later his remains are exhumed and turned into a diamond by an American conceptual artist who had gotten permission from the architect’s family. But it turns out she got permission only from distant relatives and the now the architect’s actual heirs are pissed and are demanding the ring that the diamond is set in be handed over so that they can bury it in the architect’s grave.

On second thought, maybe we haven’t heard this exact story before, but it is exactly what is happening, with the following key players:

THE ASHES OF LUIS BARRAGAN, in life a Pritzer Prize-winning architect, currently a 2.02-carat diamond set in a ring

JILL MAGID, American conceptual artist, intends to trade the ring for Barragán’s archive (currently locked away in Switzerland) which she would return to Mexico

TADEO PINTADO BARRAGAN CERVANTES OMANA, nephew of Barragán, found out about the ring after reading a New Yorker article, has subsequently written in a letter to Magid that "thinking about this atrocity makes me want to vomit"

As you can see, we have already helpfully begun to compile this drama into a cast list, so if somebody could turn it into a full-length play as soon as possible, that would be much appreciated.

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