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This Kickstarter lets you grow a chair out of grass

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The chair blends seamlessly with the ground

The design for Terra, a chair made out of grass, is elegantly simple — it simply consists of a cardboard frame into which you pour dirt and seeds and allow the grass to grow. Conceived by Italian designers Piergiorgio Robino and Andrea Sanna, the product was first unveiled at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2000, and was sold by Robino and Sanna until 2005, when it became clear that "the self-production was no longer sustainable."

Now, however, Kickstarter has apparently made Terra a viable product once again. Robino’s and Sanna’s Studio Nucleo has set out a goal of €15,000 (or about $16,764) of which they have currently raised €3,432. One Terra frame can be had for as little as €60 (or about twice that much if you live in the United States) which seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay for the ability to lie in the grass, communing with nature, without having to lie flat on your back.

TERRA! Growing Furniture [Kickstarter]