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Tiny houses hit the road for a cross-country tour

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First stop: downtown Chicago

The tiny houses are coming! The tiny houses are coming! If you’re anywhere near Chicago, Houston, Hohenwald, TN, or the Arizona cities of Mesa, Tucson, and Cottonwood, two tiny homes built by industry veteran Tumbleweed are indeed coming your way.

Well, in the case of Chicago—the first stop on the Traveling Tiny House Tour from Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV Resorts—the two tiny houses, Finn and Rose, are already parked and ready for visitors today and tomorrow. The pair of tiny homes, one measuring 258 square feet and another 218 square feet, will give curious folks near those tour stops a taste of the tiny home phenomenon without purchasing or even renting one.

After the tour leaves Chicago this week, it’ll head town to the Natchez Trace region of Tennessee, before making its way southwest to the Houston area and then up the center of Arizona. Intrigued? Stay tuned to the tour site for up-to-date details.