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Renovation honors the historic and rings in the new in Lisbon

Rooms were ruptured to create a continuous flow

Lisbon-based Aurora Arquitectos has "intervened" on this old apartment by the Estrela Basilica to create a space that is at once transformed and unchanged. While most of the home’s bones were preserved, two walls were opened up to create "ruptures"—whose outlines are highlighted by a wooden frame and brass floor plating—that join three rooms into one continuous flow. Inserted within what was formally a great room is another wall, now establishing two bedrooms, while an adjacent triangular space has been repurposed into a walk-in closet.

The architects had a pristine canvas with which to work, the dwelling featuring rich details including hardwood floors, ornate trimming and molding on the doors, walls, and ceilings, and blue and white tiles and pink marble floors and accents in the kitchen. Instead of taking away these traditional elements, the architects added sleek modern-style cabinets and wardrobes that accommodate the original decorative paneling. The bright white finish on the walls and ceilings promote the home’s potential for adaptation, itself a kind of "palimpsest." Have a look below.