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Midcentury-inspired modern home prioritizes outdoor living in San Diego

Always be terracing

Built by Nakhshab Development and Design, this recently completed modern home in San Diego takes inspiration from midcentury modern design, the clearest evidence of which may be its enthusiasm for indoor-outdoor living. First, the all-in-one living room, dining room and kitchen area, featuring sleek walls of concealed cabinetry on each side, directly opens up to an extensive outdoor lounging area in the rear and sweeping glass walls facing the street. The home then kicks it up a notch with a huge rooftop terrace that spans the width of the home.

Perched on a sloped site, the house fits three bedrooms, a master suite, and family room all on one level, with the latter two spaces also enclosed by floor-to-ceiling windows. An additional office/guest suite, although somewhat separated from the rest of the living spaces, also has access to the expansive outdoor area in the back.