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Tiny crowdfunded treehouses rise in the woods of Beijing

They’re the work of local firm and small-architecture experts Wee Studio

Combining two of the internet’s trendiest phenomena, this collection of crowdfunded tiny treehouses—the work of aptly named local firm Wee Studio—has risen in the woods in Beijing’s Miyun neighborhood, at the base of Mount Wuling. Set along a small stream, the duo of steel-frame, stilt-raised timber houses have a simple, faceted form, and encompass an interior area totaling just 8 square meters (or 86 square feet).

What’s inside? Between the two micro pavilions, visitors have access to a bedroom, bathroom, and tea room. Apparently, the units were fabricated offsite and transported to their wooded final home where they underwent reassembly. You can see a few more photos, and read more, over at Dezeen.