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Zaha Hadid Design unveils new sculptural fall collection

They will be showcased at Maison & Objet’s fall exhibition in Paris

The late Zaha Hadid’s works and designs continue to emerge even after her death. To be unveiled at Maison & Objet’s fall exhibition in Paris beginning tomorrow is a homeware collection featuring candles, tableware, vases, coasters, and more.

Simply titled "Collection 2016," the series showcases materiality, color, parametric design, technique, and craftsmanship—signature elements that figure in all of Hadid’s work, whether architecture or small objects.

Two sets of fine bone china dinnerware reflect the designer’s love of the graphic, with the Beam set featuring geometric shapes inspired by the Russian abstract art movement, and the Illusion set portraying a vortex-like arrangement of fine black lines set against white.

The Prime scented candles integrates the sculptural ceramic holder with the candle which is made from premium soy and paraffin wax so that they appear as one. As the wax melts, the holder’s translucency appears, highlighting its skeletal structure. It is available in a range of sizes in white and black.

Other pieces include acrylic place mats, braided vases, small white cups with colorful insides, and diffusers. The goods are available for purchase at Zaha Hadid Designs.