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Incredible: confused man converts house into old airplane

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He does not understand this trend at all

By now you’ve probably heard of the minor trend of converting disused airplanes into homes, restaurants, hotels, and kindergartens. It’s a cool and (increasingly less, but still) unique thing to do with an intricate and beautiful piece of machinery that might otherwise just be headed to the dump.

Wisconsin man Stephen Van Horn has also heard about the trend, but apparently he didn’t understand it at all because he has converted his existing house into a disused airplane, adding a pair of wings, a fin, and a cockpit. The airplane-house has two bedrooms, indoor plumbing, and a full kitchen, all of which are located in the preexisting house part.

"Unfortunately, this plane will never fly again, nor did it ever," Van Horn said. "But it makes a pretty sweet house."

Van Horn’s efforts to get the house-plane commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration so that they could then decommission it were unsuccessful.