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'40s flat revamped into bright, 700-square-foot family home

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We dig it

To make a small space work for a family of any size, its design must be flexible and efficient. In Tel Aviv, local interior designer Dalit Lilienthal did just that, renovating a 1940s-era apartment into a bright, airy modern home with plenty of storage and a bright color palette that creates the illusion of ample square footage in a flat that clocks in at 65 square meters (699 square feet).

The clients, a couple with one child and plans for a second, wanted an unpartitioned space in which to dine, entertain, and relax, so Lilienthal removed interior walls where possible, and created an open-plan combined living-dining room and kitchen. A compact bathroom divides the master bedroom and the kids’ room, each of which have custom in-wall storage for making the most of the confined space. Read on over at Dezeen.