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Ikea's most iconic chair turns 40

How many Poängs have you had in your life?

Ever wonder how Ikea’s Poäng chair came to be? One of the Swedish giant’s most popular and ubiquitous items—the others being the Lack table and the Billy bookcase, of course—the (dare we call it) iconic rocking armchair was created in 1976 by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura, who came to Ikea in 1973 to study Scandinavian furniture.

Speaking in a video to celebrate the chair’s 40th birthday, Nakamur described his design process:

I learned by experience that a cantilever consisting of a U-shaped structure with a person can swing to some extent with the use of molded plywood, and I wanted it to swing in an elegant way, which triggered me to imagine Poäng. That’s how I came up with a rocking chair

He continued, philosophizing about what a chair should and shouldn’t be:

A chair shouldn’t be a tool that binds and holds the sitter. it should be a tool that provides us with an emotional richness and creates an image where we let off stress or frustration by swinging. Such movement in itself has meaning and value.

Poäng is now offered in a traditional rocking chair style and even boasts a matching ottoman. The thin, upholstered cushion comes in four different leather colorways or nine fabric options. Watch the video below. What do you think? Iconic or simply too collegiate?