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Thatched-roof seaside home rises like a glorious dune

It’s an ode to the surroundings

Today in traditional-materials-deployed-in-sublime-new-ways, Lithuanian practice Archispektras has completed a Latvian seaside holiday home primarily clad in reed hatch. Featuring an impressive thatched roof and low, gently sloping profile, the home is appropriately named "The Dune House," after the dunes and meadow of the surrounding nature reserve.

With the Baltic Sea just over 300 feet away, the house was designed with a kitesurfer in mind, and offers a serene space for unwinding with friends and family. The inside is all pale pine wood, with soaring timber framing and skylights overlooking a bright open living, dining, kitchen area. Glass walls along the ocean-facing side of the home allow views out to the horizon, while the taller, wider end of the structure provides a space for cars, storage, and surfing equipment.