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Brand new tiny house caters to a traditional taste

A classic escape

Wisconsin-based tiny house builder Escape Homes just launched a new model, and it’s a departure from its current line of tiny houses on wheels, which skews more modern with rectilinear profiles and large glass windows. In contrast, the Escape Vintage sports a classic overhanging gabled roof, double-hung windows, and window boxes to boot.

Like its predecessors, the Vintage also incorporates a full-size kitchen and bathroom, soothing the transition to tiny living. The model comes in at about 240 square feet and can be customized to up to 315 square feet, sleeping up to six. On one end, there’s a rather spacious bedroom suite with a Queen-size bed and built-in storage. On the other, a lofted space sits above the bathroom. The kitchenette, couch seating, open shelving, and a fold-down table span the length of the central living area.

With a base cost of $59,800, the Vintage starts cheaper than the Traveler series, but pricier than the Vista. Build time is around 30 days. Check out more photos below and a video tour here.