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Solid brass accents elevate these furniture pieces inspired by Omani architecture

Gorgeous, handmade, and chic

What is it about brass that instantly conjures visions of glamorous living from eras past? Its similarity to gold makes it that much more desirable, no doubt, as does its relative inexpensiveness. Or perhaps it’s the warmth that yellow metals bestow upon an interior that make it a functional yet exciting choice.

Even accents and small details rendered in that mellow burnish go a long way in elevating a piece to the best design aspects of the 1970s and 1980s. But among the copper and zinc alloy’s most compelling attributes is its ability to more than hold its own in a bold color scheme.

Take these gorgeous handmade furniture pieces from British designer Bethan Gray, for instance. The Shamsian Collection, to be unveiled at DesignJunction at the London Design Festival later this week, is a collaboration between Gray and Iranian artist Mohamad Reza Shamsian. Inspired by Omani architecture and craft, the solid wood and maple veneer tables and cabinet showcase 16th-century marquetry technique, with, intricate brass designs inlaid and/or overlaid into the base. Here, brass complements the beautiful hand-stained turquoise in the Nizwa cabinet, making the color pop.

Other pieces include a pale, circular table with the edge patterned with designs inspired by Oman sailing boats, and a long, dark table featuring the same pattern but on a larger scale. Gray also released a collection of marble tables whose table-top edges and legs are wrapped in brass bands at Maison & Objet earlier this year. Take a look below, then consider adding them to your Milanese Glam-decorated pad.